Sunday, April 13, 2014


As a fashion buyer and a fashion blogger, there is always one thing that makes me so focused whenever I go out on shopping. Yes, the new brands.

It is amazing to find out that there are so many new brands pouring out and it is quite hard to keep up with them even though one might say he/she is very into the fashion world. 

And I have to say, it is quite fun to get to know the brand better even if it's not a totally new brand. So I was thinking that I would post a specially featured posts on every Monday to know better(or to know from the bottom) about a brand. It can be any brand. Sometimes it will be on the one that some of you requested or one that is very known but worth going over again the history and its inspiration/mood of.

I've already posted several brands. You can find out about them in below links. 


Well, but I gotta say, it is quite burden to post these types of posts since it kind of feels like writing a essay/report. But I am willing to dedicate my MONDAY to post about a brand (which is BRANDAY literally) to share with you the information and for my own good as well.

Hope by doing this on regular basis, we can all be Fashion Experts! :) Yeah!

Love, Victoria

PS. I will have to star working on those essays now since this is Sunday night! Which brand should we discover next?


  1. Very interesting post! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Great post! I will check the brands :)

  3. Love that photo xx

  4. Victoriaaa! Haha, I haven't been blogging for a while now too, but the other day I was walking around in a mall and I read 'Mary Katrantzou' and I wondered why it sounded familiar! Now, I think yes, it was from your post! I didn't do a proper visit on her collections though, I was in a rush, probably next time for sure. :D Haha, I wish I know more new brands like you! Yesss, tell us more!
    How's HK so far nowww?! :D